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Coolest Braid Designs

“Finally a braid book with unique and beautiful braids! I love the photographs and easy-to-follow directions."
- Becca Kassel
“It's amazing how these braid designs bring out my highlights. Everyone compliments me on my hair!"
- Danielle Crawford

Learn how to create gorgeous braids!

While I was traveling in Costa Rica with my mom, I ran out of bobby pins and needed to find a way to keep my hair off my neck. It was 90 degrees! So I invented the weave (a way to French braid my hair and then weave the tails back through my hair.) The braided weave was tight and held in place without pins. And, amazingly, it looked really cool! Everyone came up to me and stared at my braided weave. They couldn’t figure out how I did it, when they saw it.

After creating the Weave while in Costa Rica, I have designed hundreds of cool braids for all kinds of hair types. Whether you have short or long hair, straight or frizzy hair, one length or layered hair, you’ll find braid designs that will look good and work with your hair.

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