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Our Entitled Children: An American Tiger Mom's Story
The Working Mother's Guide to Free Childcare in Your Home!
The 21st Century Mother's Guide to Managing Your Time and Taking Control of Your Life!
Clueless Teen's Guide to Dating
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Busy Woman's Organizer
Busy Woman's Checklists
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Price: $14.95

Busy Woman's Organizer

Don't miss the companion volume:
Busy Woman's Checklists featuring timesaving checklists you'll use everyday in a convenient carry-it-anywhere format.

Learn Time-Saving Tips About Everything From Delegating Household Chores to Setting up Elder Care!

Here's a practical resource to help you gain control of your busy life, so you can do all the things you have to do and still find time for the things you want to do.

Here is a book and planner for women who run households or work outside the home. When your home life runs smoothly, so does the rest of your life. With the forms, checklists, tips and techniques in this book, you'll be able to quickly organize your household.

Here's a sample of the help you'll find inside:

  • Techniques to streamline household chores
  • Fast ways to reduce clutter and do away with disarray
  • A fast shopping/menu list to organize meals for an entire week
  • No-fail strategy to remember important dates throughout the year
  • A simple form to make car-pooling a breeze
  • Forms and checklists to help you painlessly plan birthday parties and formal events
  • Information and forms to ensure you can really relax on your vacation
  • Everything you need to find quality child care, schooling, and elder care for your loved ones
  • A moving survival kit-from cleaning up and packing to settling into your new home
  • Forms and checklists to help you organize your assets, wills, and other important documents
  • A Disaster Plan organizer that helps you be prepared for any emergency

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